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A blog by KJ Mazidi
Jan. 7, 2018, 6:47 p.m.

Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff

Like a lot of over-educated people, I never thought Trump would get elected. Surely people could see that he doesn't have the intellectual depth, the knowledge, the experience, the character to lead a country. But Trump spoke to people's gut instincts, he said the things they wanted to hear, and they elected him president. One year in, I'm still shaking my head in disbelief. The last year has been like a train wreck from which I can't look away. I tell myself I won't watch the news, I won't get sucked in to the outrage over what Trump said today, but I feel an existential threat to my country and I can't look away.

For that reason I read Wolff's book. It seems to be fairly credible portrayal of what went on in the Trump administration up through the entrance of Kelly and the exit of Bannon. I say that it is reasonably credible because it reveals little that Trump has not revealed himself. Since the book portrays Bannon in a more favorable light than his rivals for control of Trump: Ivanka and Jared (or Javanka as he dubbed them), I'm guessing that Bannon was the major source of the info dished in this book although there are a remarkably high number of attributed sources. The book confirmed every sigh of despair I have uttered for the last year. I can't see how this will end. Bannon gave it even odds for 3 scenarios: Trump resigns, the 25th amendment is invoked, or he limps through to the end of his one and only term.

One of my sons predicted the Trump victory long before it became obvious. His dad and I thought he was hopelessly naive in his assertion that people would vote for Trump over someone who is actually qualified because she was a terrible politician who could not resonate with people. Son was right. I hope he is right about one more thing. Where I see disaster, son sees confirmation in the genius of our American democracy. Even with the chaos in the executive branch, the system is still standing. I hope he is right again.